Special Thanks to Ryan Holiday for his contributions to the world!

As an MBA, and lifelong learner, I’ve learned quite a bit about omnichannel strategy and execution, as well as human behavior, and the one they all have in common is people. However, one class, in particular, has taken root (no pun intended), Growth Hacking.

Lover of hacks, I completed this course multiple times, and what I noticed immediately was the practices of growth hacking, mimicked those used in political campaigns… the Grassroots method.

Having worked on, and managed political campaigns from the national to local level for progressive candidates, I can spot a Grassroots method online, or in life. From knocking on doors, to house parties, to email signatures, to tags directing a reader to your page of choice, these are all examples of grassroots methods, the late later have evolved into Growth hacking.

Growth Hacking is defined as a marketing practice geared towards rapidly growing/building a business. It is used by developers and marketers, the only requirement to using it is having the right mindset.

Here are a few examples you can use to hack your online promotion success:

• Offer a discount to followers who share your page/info on social media
• Offer reward for signing up to receive your email newsletter
• Include a referral code for sharing your products/content
• Partner with industry professionals for a meet and greet